Steve Bashore is WBA’s new regional director for North America

Steve Bashore is WBA’s new regional director for North America

Steve Bashore was appointed regional director for North America by the World Boxing Association (WBA). An appointment that fills with excitement the pioneer organization thanks to all that America will bring to the table.

Bashore has been involved in boxing for years and is recognized in Oklahoma City especially for having done a great job in this commission during times of crisis. He was appointed executive director of this city’s athletic commission in 1999 and was quickly able to make changes that got it out of the ditch and and running.

He has an interesting vision of boxing and has managed to carry out important projects, making him the ideal piece to serve as a liaison between the WBA and a very important territory such as North America.

Bashore knows what it takes to attract great fighters and has extensive experience with television networks, two key elements for boxing to have an impact and to guarantee a good.

Bashore also served as secretary of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) in 2001. He was subsequently elected first vice president in 2003.

The WBA is excited to work hand in hand with Bashore and knows that putting such a big responsibility in his hands is a synonym of success. Welcome, my friend.

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