HalfDive VR Headset Kickstarter Cancelled Due to Niche Appeal, Manufacturing Issues

Original Article (December 16th, 2021): HalfDive isn’t a brain-computer interface like SAO’s NerveGear, however it does promise to let users play SteamVR games like VRChat and experience some pretty interesting object interaction via its tethered force feedback solution too. The Kickstarter launched

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Goulamirian tested positive for Covid-19 and his fight against Egorov is cancelled

World Boxing Association (WBA) super cruiserweight champion, Frenchman Arsen Goulamirian, tested positive for Covid-19 and his defense this Friday against Aleksei Egorov was cancelled. The 200-pound monarch was supposed to reappear this Friday after almost two years of inactivity but

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