Your Guide To Eco-Friendly and Ethical Hair Extensions

Your Guide To Eco-Friendly and Ethical Hair Extensions

Hairstyles with fringe are all the rage right now.  So if you are thinking of getting short hair with fringe, hair extensions are here to save the day.

Extensions make every hairstyle look fuller. Whether it is side fringe hairstyles for long hair, short hair with fringe, curly hair fringe style, or simply wavy hair with fringe, using extensions for volume is the key.

Regrettably, not all hair is made equal.

With the increased popularity of any product on the market, a cheap copy of the product claiming to be true and original is unavoidable.

Some hair brands are open about their manufacturing method, while others are not. Hair lovers must be vigilant about the brands they choose, from artificial fibers being blended with actual human hair to human hair being sourced unethically.

This blog will come in handy. We’ve collected a list of eco-friendly and ethical hair extension brands that you may buy from guilt-free!

Diva Divine Hair is India’s first human hair extensions and wigs retailer with various extensions and wigs at the most inexpensive pricing.

They get their hair from Indian temples where devout worshippers shave their heads in ritual. They exclusively use premium Remy hair and all of their extensions are ethically and ecologically obtained.

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Hair Extensions You Need To Shop

Luxe 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight- The Perfect Clip N Go Extensions

The luxurious flow of Diva Divine’s Clip N GO adds volume to your hair while seamlessly merging with it. The LUXE 10 piece clip-in set is machine woven and provides the most stability.

Color, highlight, and style them however you like! The clips can be split to create slimmer pieces placed in various areas. Rocking a side fringe hairstyle for long hair is a great styling alternative with this extension.

Clip-In Ponytail Extension-  For People On The Go

The ponytail by Diva Divine instantly adds length and volume to your hair. The 3-Clip Ponytail provides the luster and a smooth flow of your hair, allowing you to be ready for anything!

The three clips affixed to the lace base make installation simple. The ponytail comes with wrap-around hair to give you the greatest look!

6 Clip Hair Extension-  For Flowy Hair

The 6-clip fishnet clip-in hair extension from Diva Divine mixes in with your hair for a natural result. Nine wefts are interwoven for improved retention and easy blending, creating a honeycomb design that embraces your hair.

The six high-quality clips help to keep your hair in place while you show off your wonderfully flowing hair! Color it, style it, and it will blend in with your hair. This extension will look great as a side fringe hairstyle for long hair or a curly hair fringe.

The Classic Fringe- For a Classy Lady

The Classic Fringe is the ideal hair extension for a classy lady. With Diva Divine’s classic extension, you can flaunt your new look in no time. It dramatically changes your look with little to no effort.

You only need to clip it onto your hair. Talk about an easy solution for a whole new you. Need a curly hair fringe to complete your curls? What about wavy hair with fringe? Either way, the styling is endless with this Classic Fringe. By using Diva DIvine’s natural fringe, you can style it, heat it, and curl it to achieve your desired look.

Fringe Without Side Bangs- For Dazzling Look

If you want a dazzling look with a fringe but are unsure how it suits you, try the Fringe Without Side Bangs from Diva Divine. The Fringe without side bangs provides you with a quick look that covers your forehead. You can truly embrace your hair with this Fringe.

Fringe Without Side Bangs will look great with any hair length. However, our favorite hairstyles include wavy hair with fringe and a curly hair fridge. These fringe hairstyles over effortless yet dramatic.

Lace Front Wig Wavy- For A Natural Finish

The lace front wig by Diva Divine is designed to blend in with your hair and mimic your scalp.

The front lace is manually knotted, making parting and styling your hair a picnic.

The lace front wig significantly increases the thickness and your hair length. You can choose from different hair textures for the most satisfying results. Coloring and styling them is a walk in the park because they are 100% unprocessed Indian hair.

A quick hair care tip is washing them with a moderate, sulfate-free shampoo. Finish this process by combing them with a loop brush extends its life.

Lace front wigs are extremely versatile. We recommend using a heating tool to flaunt your wavy hair with fringe for a dash of sophistication.

5-Clip Ear-To-Ear Volumimzer: Straight

The Diva Divine 5 clip ear-to-ear volumizer provides a seamless blend with your hair, giving it the volume and style you want.

Despite the name, its simple-to-use function eliminates the need for a salon visit and saves time. The 5 clip ear-to-ear volumizer provides instant thickness and length to the hair, making you look ready for any spontaneous night out.


Diva Divine only uses ethically sourced hair, so you can enjoy luxurious hair extensions guilt-free. From side fringe hairstyles for long hair, way hair with fringe to short hair with fringe, extensions allow endless styling options.

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