15 Best New Movies To Watch On HBO Max For November 2021

15 Best New Movies To Watch On HBO Max For November 2021

Warning: This article contains mentions of violent crimes.

HBO Max has been a go-to streaming platform in recent years for some of the best entertainment around. Each month, movies and TV shows come and go, keeping the options on the platform fresh. HBO Max has recently added or will soon be adding some incredible films. Some of these are from recent years, while others have been fan favorites for some time.

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Regardless, fans will have a variety of options when it comes to movies coming to the streaming service. From the sequel to the beloved Matrix franchise to a critically acclaimed drama depicting the life of tennis coach Richard Williams, these are some of the best movies to watch on HBO Max in December 2021.


The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Carrie-Anne Moss Wears Matrix Code Dress

Arrives on 12/22/21 on the HBO Max Ad-Free Plan

Though it will only be available on HBO Max through the ad-free plan, The Matrix Resurrections will be making its way to theaters and to the streaming platform on December 22.

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With the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, as well as the addition of a multitude of talented actors, The Matrix Resurrections is set to be a thrilling addition to the beloved franchise. The sequel is sure to include the high-intensity action sequences and breathtaking filmmaking that the series is known for, so fans should prepare for an exciting ride.

The Suicide Squad (2021)

Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad in a jungle on their mission.

A sequel/soft reboot to the 2016 DCEU film Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad came out earlier this year to a more positive response than its predecessor received. The team, composed of supervillains, is sent on a mission to destroy a laboratory that has been taking part in secret experiments.

Blending humor, action, and superhero movie stakes, The Suicide Squad provides the experience that many fans of the characters have been wanting for years. With a Peacemaker show debuting early next year, now is the perfect time for viewers to watch John Cena’s debut as the anti-hero, in which he and the rest of the cast gave phenomenal performances in what some consider the best DCEU movie of 2021.

Adrienne (2021)

A shot of Adrienne Shelly filming something, as featured in the HBO documentary Adrienne

The documentary Adrienne tells of the life of Adrienne Shelly, a rising star in the film industry who, among other projects, wrote, directed, and acted in the film Waitress, which came out after her passing and later became a hit Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles.

Featuring interviews with close family members, friends, and people she influenced, Adrienne is a heartbreaking but touching look at an artist who became an inspiration to so many, showing her life and the circumstances surrounding her death. Her legacy lives on, and this stellar documentary pays tribute to her in a beautiful and emotional way.

No Country For Old Men (2007)

One of the Coens’ most highly regarded pieces, No Country for Old Men, is a thrilling tale about a man who takes money that he finds at a drug deal that went wrong and the hitman who has been hired to track him down and kill him. The chase that ensues takes viewers to many locations, but the threat continues to loom heavily in the atmosphere.

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Javier Bardem gives one of his most iconic performances to date as the terrifying Anton Chigurh, and while he may be the most recognizable part of the film, No Country for Old Men also features stellar portrayals from the likes of Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, and Kelly Macdonald.

The Forever Prisoner (2021)

The title screen for the HBO Max documentary The Forever Prisoner

The Forever Prisoner is a disturbing documentary that investigates the treatment of Abu Zubaydah, who was detained by the CIA in 2002 but was never charged with a crime. He has been subjected to various forms of torture in the pursuit of information, and many of the videotapes of his interrogations have been destroyed.

The documentary offers a deeply troubling look into the lengths that government entities are willing to go to in order to seek information in the interest of national security, featuring interviews from several figures who were involved and bringing to light some of the awful treatment that certain officials believed were justified.

Thelma & Louise (1991)

One of the best friendship movies ever made, Thelma & Louise is about two friends whose enjoyable trip turns into a run from the law. Both characters have felt stuck in their previous lives, which makes the prospect of turning themselves in even less enticing. Though they are terrified of the potential of being caught, they find joy along the way, making this film both heartbreaking and uplifting.

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are exceptional as their respective characters, and they helped to make Thelma & Louise into the beloved film it is today.

This Is Not A War Story (2021)

Danny Ramirez walks with earphones in in This is Not a War Story

This is Not a War Story centers on veterans who try to adjust to life back home while dealing with the traumas of the conflict they returned from. The main characters, Isabelle and Will, form a bond as they navigate the world together and take part in an art project to help them cope.

The film features grounded performances and appearances from real veterans, bringing to light hardships faced by many people who try to adjust after wars and illustrating the importance of community.

Inside Man (2006)

Inside Man is about a bank heist and the police effort to stop it. Denzel Washington plays Detective Keith Frazier, who attempts to communicate with and outsmart the leader of the robbers, who is trying to do the same with the police.

The film takes plenty of unexpected turns as the plot unfolds, keeping the audience invested at every moment. Inside Man is one of Denzel Washington’s best crime thrillers, and it is sure to entertain viewers who watch it, especially those who enjoy heist films.

Land (2021)

Robin Wright in Land (2020)

Directed by and starring Robin Wright in her feature film directorial debut, Land is about a lawyer who attempts to find solace living in a cabin in the wilderness after a horrible tragedy occurs. The film, though recent, has garnered significant attention, both for Wright’s acting and for her directing performance.

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The film is a heartbreaking but hopeful glimpse into grief and healing, and Robin Wright does the emotional role justice through her excellent portrayal of the main character.

King Richard (2021)

Will Smith in King Richard

A highly anticipated film, King Richard is about Richard Williams, the father and coach of Venus and Serena Williams. It focuses on the family’s journey as they navigate the world of tennis and try to reach the heights of the sport.

Will Smith has been praised for his performance as Richard Williams, and with extensive heart, this movie is not one to miss. The rest of the cast also does a fantastic job, bringing the true story to life on screen in an incredible piece.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Well known as an extremely disturbing movie, A Clockwork Orange is certainly not for everyone. It revolves around Alex, the leader of an infamous group of criminals that performs atrocious acts.

It features some of the darkest scenes in any Stanley Kubrick movie, making the audience follow an awful character who would be the undisputed antagonist in any other film. Despite the upsetting nature of much of the film, A Clockwork Orange is a classic and is one of Kubrick’s most highly regarded movies.

The Killing Of Kenneth Chamberlain (2019)

Frankie Faison looks through a peephole in The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain

Based on the true event that resulted in the death of Kenneth Chamberlain on November 11, 2011, The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain is a devastating film that has been lauded by critics and audiences alike. The cast offers excellent performances that help to convey some of the gravity of the situation.

Frankie Faison is especially incredible in his role as Kenneth Chamberlain. The movie is somber and terrifying, bringing this terrible event further into the public consciousness and calling for justice.

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

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Hotel Rwanda is a heartbreaking film that takes place during the Rwandan genocide. The movie is centered around Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who secretly hides people trying to escape from the horrors outside.

The film is based on a true story, and the performances from Don Cheadle and the rest of the cast contribute to the immersion into the tale. It is terrifying and thoroughly upsetting, but the actions of Rusesabagina shine a light despite the horrifying situation.

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

One of the best Vietnam war movies, Full Metal Jacket is also one of Stanley Kubrick’s most iconic films. The movie centers on a group of soldiers from the time they arrive for training to their deployment in Vietnam.

Featuring some incredible performances, including R. Lee Ermey as perhaps the most well-known movie drill sergeant of all time, Full Metal Jacket is a favorite of fans of war movies everywhere. It is lighthearted at times and terribly disturbing at others, and it shows some of the conditions soldiers endured.

The Queen (2006)

Helen Mirren answers the phone in The Queen

Starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen tells the behind-the-scenes story of the reactions of the royal family immediately following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales on August 31, 1997. The public expected an address from the Queen, but as a result of tradition, she was hesitant to give one.

Helen Mirren has received extensive positive attention for her portrayal of the Queen, and the film offers a rarely seen look into the lives of this family during a time of mourning in Britain.

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