Bachelorette: Michelle Young Writes Poem For Nayte Olukoya After Finale

Bachelorette: Michelle Young Writes Poem For Nayte Olukoya After Finale

Bachelorette star, Michelle Young, wrote a poem expressing her love for her new fiancé, Nayte Olukoya, after the season finale of the show.

Bachelorette star, Michelle Young, has found her “SoulNayte,” and wrote a poem expressing her love for her fiancé, Nayte Olukoya, after the season finale of the show. Throughout the season, Michelle expressed that she wanted to find someone who truly “sees her.” Michelle and Nayte felt instant chemistry when he was the first to step out of the limousine on night one. Michelle gave him her first impression rose and they shared the first kiss of the season. Their relationship grew stronger as they spent more time together on their one-on-one dates.

Michelle expressed herself through poetry on a week 3 group date when the men were asked to write poems to help them open up to Michelle. Michelle also participated in this activity. Although Nayte was not on that date, viewers had the opportunity to hear Michelle’s poem about feeling like the “token black girl” in high school. She made herself very vulnerable as she recalled how those experiences still affect her life today. She also wrote about how she felt “unseen,” and those themes carried through the season as Michelle searched for a man who would fully accept her for who she is. She found that in Nayte, a man who was often misunderstood and misjudged himself.


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In a post on Instagram, Michelle shared a series of pictures of herself and Nayte, along with a poem which began, “Dear SoulNayte,” referring to her feeling that Nayte is her soulmate. In the first few verses of the poem, Michelle revealed what she was looking for as she began the show, and that Nayte has made her dreams come true. She wrote, “Stepping into the role as The Bachelorette I was optimistic with what I would find. I hoped for a best friend, a life long partner, but I truly landed one of a kind. I’ve asked for someone who sees me, challenges me, while accepting me for who I am. I’ve asked for someone who will never let go, and you’ve already shown me you will be that man.” Michelle then addressed their only obstacle, which was Nayte’s struggle to learn to communicate and express himself. She said, “The way you’ve pushed yourself to be vulnerable, even if it wasn’t for others around us to see. I’ve learned our love story doesn’t need to be perceived as perfect, As long as it’s perfect for you and me.”

In the next part of her poem, Michelle praised Nayte for all of the good that he brings to her life, writing, “You’ve quickly become the pep in my step, The reason I smile through hard days. I love the way you love, You make me feel beautiful in so many ways. SoulNayte thank you for answering, and although we have no idea what’s in life’s plan, I feel incredibly at peace knowing I’ll have you by my side, Thank you for being that man.” Michelle has complete trust and faith that her relationship with Nayte will last a lifetime, no matter what happens. She signed the post, “Love, Your FIANCÉ Michelle,” emphasizing her new status as Nayte’s wife-to-be.

Throughout this season of The Bachelorette, it was apparent that Michelle felt something for Nayte that was magical and undeniable as compared to the relationships she had with the other men. Her eyes lit up when she saw him, and she smiled at him in a special way. Although he sometimes had trouble finding the right words to express it, Nayte clearly felt the same way. This relationship was meant-to-be from the moment they met, and Michelle has finally found her “SoulNayte.”

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Source: Michelle Young/Instagram

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