Best Robert Pattinson movies (and where to stream them)

Best Robert Pattinson movies (and where to stream them)

Huge congratulations are in order because Robert Pattinson is celebrating his 36th birthday on May 13! What better way to celebrate one of our favorite English actors than to compile a list of all his best movies?

Whether he’s a wizard competing in a dangerous event or a mysterious superhero saving the day, Pattinson does a stellar job at stepping into these unique roles, hence why fans can’t get enough of this handsome Brit. But the best part is, outside of all the lights and camera, Pattinson is just as charming and lovable, especially when he trolls everyone.

Hopefully, with this new age of life, Pattinson decides to star in even more movies. While we wait for his acting resume to grow even longer, let’s take a look at all the amazing movies R-Pat has already done.

Best Robert Pattinson movies

Coming up first is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firealso known to many as the first movie that put all eyes on Robert Pattinson.

In this 2005 film, Pattinson played the role of Cedric Diggory. Known for his quick wit and vast potential, Diggory quickly became a role model for Potter. That is until a tragic event took his life.

See Pattinson alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the official trailer for the 2005 magical film here.

If you are curious to know how Diggory met his dark fate or want to see Pattison in his earlier years, then feel free to head to HBO Max to stream Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There, you will also find Tenet and The Batman, two more exceptional films starring Robert Pattinson.

After watching the aforementioned titles, your appetite for Pattinson will certainly not be satiated. Here are even more of the best Robert Pattinson films and where to stream them:

  • The Bad Mother’s Handbook (2007) – Apple TV+
  • Remember Me (2010) – Apple TV+
  • Water for Elephants (2011) – Hulu
  • Bel Ami (2012) – Amazon Prime Video
  • The Lost City of Z (2016) – Amazon Prime Video
  • The Lighthouse (2019) – Showtime
  • Waiting for the Barbarians (2019) – Hulu
  • The King (2019) – Netflix
  • The Devil All the Time (2020) – Netflix

Last but certainly not least, we have to give a quick shout-out to the best Robert Pattinson film ever. That’s right, Twilight.

Millions of fans all over the world were smitten by the enigmatic, cool Edward Cullen. His cold stare, his perfectly quaffed hair, and his alluring words made it nearly impossible to not be Team Edward. And who could forget about the millions of ways Edward would go out of his way to protect Bella Swan, the love of his life?

Although Edward Cullen and Robert Pattison are two very different people, there is no denying that there is no other person in the world who fans would rather have play this role. (It’s for R-Pat and R-Pat only!)

Take a trip down memory lane! Check out the official trailer of Twilight below.

The Earth is brighter because Robert Pattinson is living in it. We can’t wait to see what other Pattinson projects are in store for us in the future.

Happy birthday, Robert Pattinson!

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