Rick and Morty season 6 is not coming out in July 2022

Rick and Morty season 6 is not coming out in July 2022

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated series today. It has been airing for five strong seasons and gearing up for another one soon! But how soon? When is Rick and Morty season 6 coming out? Unfortunately, it won’t be in July 2022. Here’s what we know about when to expect the new season.

The adult animated series is a sci-fi sitcom that follows Rick Sanchez, a “mad scientist,” and his grandson Morty Smith. The pair are always getting into a new adventure, and they don’t stick to only one universe. If you haven’t been watching, you need to catch up. This is also a great first animated series to explore the genre.

Where can you watch to catch up before season 6 premieres? How long will the wait for season 6 be? Read on for all the details.

Rick and Morty season 6 release date predictions

Now, fans don’t need to worry about another season. As Digital Spy reminds us, it has long been confirmed. The source also shares that the season is “near completion,” so it shouldn’t be long before we learn a release date. Until that time comes, we can only speculate. Usually, we look at previous release dates as they all seem to be pretty close together, but not Rick and Morty. It’s past release dates have been all over the place (which is actually fitting).

Season 1 premiered in December 2013, season 2 in July 2015, season 3 in April 2017, season 4 in November 2019, and season 5 in June 2021. As you can see, not two dates match.

The closest we can get is June and July. However, it’s likely not coming in the summer at all, because Comic Book has already teased that a first look at season 6 will be shown at the Adult Swim Block Party, which is happening in early August. Instead, we will probably get a release date in the first look special, which is something, at least. As for the release date? My best bet is late fall 2022. Once we learn more, we’ll update this post.

Where to stream Rick and Morty season 6 online?

Catch up before season 6 arrives by streaming Rick and Morty on Hulu or HBO Max! After episodes air on Adult Swim, they’ll move to a streaming platform. In the meantime, you can stream all previous seasons.

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