Samantha cheers Kajal Aggarwal as the latter slams self-absorbed morons

Samantha cheers Kajal Aggarwal as the latter slams self-absorbed morons

On Wednesday, actor Kajal Aggarwal shared a long note about women being mocked and body-shamed during their pregnancy. Kajal herself is pregnant and is expecting her first child with Gautam Kitchlu.

Kajal wrote,  “I’ve been dealing with the most amazing new developments in my life, my body, my home and most importantly my workplace. Additionally, certain comments/ body shaming messages/memes don’t really help. Let’s learn to be kind and if that’s too hard, maybe, just live and let live.”

Kajal Aggarwal

She added, “During pregnancy, our bodies go through several changes, including weight gain! Hormonal changes cause our stomach and breasts to get larger as the baby grows and our body prepares for nursing. Some might develop stretch marks where our body gets larger. Sometimes our skin will break out with acne. We may also be much more tired than usual and have mood swings more often. A negative mood may make us more likely to have unhealthy or negative thoughts about our bodies.”

She further wrote, “We may take a while to get back to the way we were before, or may never completely return to the way we looked before pregnancy. And THAT’S OK.”

Kajal Aggarwal

Actor Samantha came out in Kajal’s support and cheered the to-be mum by writing, “You are and will always be beautiful.”

Kajal Aggarwal married Gautam Kitchlu in an intimate ceremony on October 30, 2020. Kajal’s pregnancy was confirmed by Gautam through an Instagram post last month.

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