MultiVersus Season 1 And Rick & Morty Fighter Date Delayed 2022

The crossover brawler of our dreams, MultiVersus, is the fighting genre’s latest prize winner. From Adventure Time to Game of Thrones, Player First Games’ debut title is a wacky fusion of legendary franchises that’s left fans enamored with the light-hearted

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Adult Swim Needs To Embrace Rick & Morty’s Most Controversial Release 2022

While Adult Swim opted not to follow Justin Roiland’s advice in season 5, Rick & Morty season 6’s release should use the creator’s controversial proposed release schedule for the next outing of the cult hit. Netflix’s decision to release some shows on

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Rick & Morty: The 8 Best Flashbacks, Ranked

Flashbacks shape a story by offering background — events in characters’ pasts underscore fragments of information pertaining to their current narrative arcs. Rick & Morty plays around with the concept somewhat freely in the sense that canonical events are intentionally misrepresented by a protagonist

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