Winter Olympics medal count, Feb. 8: Which athletes and countries have the most medals

As of Feb. 8, ROC still leads the medal count by a longshot with ten medals. By contrast, the United States has five thus far in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.  The ROC’s early lead continues into Feb. 8 as

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Fearing a Repeat of Jan. 6, Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law

But the process is further detailed in the Electoral Count Act, which says that as lawmakers read through the electoral results of each state during a joint session of Congress, members of the House and Senate may submit objections in

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Dr. Jade Kua: An Entrepreneur and Life Coach You Can Always Count On

Dr. Jade Kua is a certified Life Coach and has been offering her services to many. Image: Dr. Jade Kua Over the last two years, wellness has become a buzzword that creeps into everyday conversation. The pandemic has given us

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