DeSantis holds on to his hopes of creating a new congressional district map in Florida

“We will not be signing any congressional map that has an unconstitutional gerrymander in it, and that is going to be the position that we stick to,” the Florida Republican said in Jackson County. “Just take that to the bank.”

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Lecturer Hilariously Uses Genshin Impact’s Waypoints Map to Teach

Ever wanted to see games in school? One professor surprised her students and took to using a Genshin Impact Waypoints map in a lecture. Genshin Impact made a huge splash in gaming when it first launched, and now, it’s making

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It’s all in the ink: Vinland Map is definitely a fake, new analysis finds

Enlarge / The Vinland Map purports to be a 15th-century map with a pre-Columbian depiction of the North American Coast. A new analysis has confirmed that the map is, in fact, a modern-day forgery. Scholars have questioned the authenticity of

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